Research Briefings II

1:00 pm - ERAU, Dr. Bob Thomas and IAU, Caroline Ocasio

  •  Managing Training Content Including Adaptive Learning Capabilities Using 21st Century Technology (Flight Standards)

1:20 pm - Oklahoma, Dr. Todd Hubbard

  • Creating an Adaptive and Distributed Competency-Based Learning Environment to Develop the Next Generation of Aviation Safety Inspectors (Flight Standards)
  • Analysis of a Technical Training Course for Specific Part-Task Training Implementation (Air Traffic Organization)

1:40 pm - ERAU, Dr. Massoud Bazargan

  • Fleet Assessment and Modernization Study (Flight Program Operations)

2:10 pm - Oklahoma, Matthew Gilliam, Student Presenter

  • Feasibility Study of Flight Inspection Aided by UAS-Based Sensing and Calibration (Flight Program Operations)


  • Apr 16: 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM