InterAmerican University (IAU)

The InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico School of Aeronautics offers two degree programs: Aircraft Systems Management (Professional Pilot) and Aviation Management. A Commercial Pilot minor is offered to all university students and an Air Traffic Control minor is also available for students. These programs are all accredited by the national and international Aviation Accreditation Board International. These programs include an FAA approved Part 141 Flight School for Private Single Engine Airplane Pilot, Commercial Single Engine Pilot, and Instrument Airplane rating. In addition, FAA approved Part 61 certifications include Multi-engine Airplane, Instructor Airplane, Instrument Instructor Airplane, Multi Engine Instructor, Flight Review for Single Engine, Flight for Completion of Wings Program, Maintaining Instrument Rating Flight Experience, Recent Flight Experience for Pilot in Command, Instrument Flight Proficiency Check, Airline Transition Training Experience and ATP Certificates Training.